Happy New Year! 2012: The End And The Mayans

Happy New Year guys!!! This would be my first post for the year! And what topic would best suit the year? It would be the, so to speak “2012 end of the world year” (thank you 2012 movie and the awesome/exceptional limousine driving skills of John Cusack). Now stop hiding under your table! Snap back to reality and focus on real problems you need to address in your life this year.

This may help you get back in track and get a hold of yourself for crying out loud. This is a comic of what may have happened with the Mayans and their calendar, I saw this couple of years ago and just remembered it would be great for this year’s New Year-greeting. Titled “Countdown to Catastrophe”, it was made by the creative and talented cartoonist Dan Piraro (Bizzaro.com).

Countdown to Catastrophe by Dan PiraroAfter seeing this, suddenly all falls into place. You can read more of his works, funny comics, and also cool merchandise in Bizzarocomics.com and Bizzaro.com.

Now here’s a video from C.G.P. Grey’s YouTube channel titled “2012 & The End Of The World”, that can beat some sense out of you:

The guy has a point huh? You can check out more interesting videos and topics from CGP Grey YouTube page HERE and website HERE.

Source: Comic | Video


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  1. Hahahaha! Nice post to start this year! Maybe they though something similar like the pic…
    Well, I change the computer and I lost your url ;_; Sorry! But i’ll follow you again! I promise!
    Happy New year! and see you soon!

    • kev

      Hey thanks! Yeah I was thinking the same thing… :D

      No prob! I’m always watching your deviantart page, I loved your Marvel.com feature! Awesome works!!! :D

  2. Jeyps

    nice one master. repost mo ulit ito next year, baka may bago na namang calendar. hahaha.

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