Cool and Funny Wi-Fi Names You Just Can’t Ignore

With mobile internet being a trend, wireless fidelity or Wi-Fi has become a household name. There are lots of access points even in place you least expect. One other thing to check, are the names of the available connections. People are getting creative with naming their wireless access points. Here are some funny and awesome Wi-Fi names from Mashable.


I personally like the “Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi” (referring to the song) and the very geeky “AllYourBandWidthRbelongToUS” (pun from the 90’s game Zero Wing). I have also seen “You wish” and “F**K OFF”. In filipino my favorite Wi-Fi name is “Asa ka Boi!” which means like “Keep hoping” but in a vulgar way. So what’s your favorite or funny Wi-Fi name experience?     

You can check out the entire list of Wi-Fi names and other cool articles in Mashable.

Source: Mashable


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  1. I’ll try connecting to Skynet Global Defense Network and let’s see if I will be terminated~

  2. That’s really amazing that all of those funny named access points would be in the same place/close enough to connect to…

    The name of my access point at home is “the_matrix” ^__^

  3. Chelsea

    Bill Wi the Science Fi

  4. Christy

    Hahaha Use this one mom! Hilariousss !

  5. Mine is “Hello emptiness,I feel like I could die”

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