Microsoft Word Grammar Errors, What Actually Happens (Chart)

If you are using Microsoft Word as your word processor, you are familiar with the grammar error indicators. It gives you red and green underlines on the items that need to be checked or corrected. Most of the time you get more confused than being able to get what you are doing wrong. Here is a funny graphic representation of how it works:

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Damn it!!! I’ve freakin changed the sentence[s] zillion times already. Pffftttt! Imma write hieroglyphics, let’s see if that would make you happy.

Tell me you (MS Word users) haven’t experienced this…

Source: GraphJam


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  1. Always! Never rely MS Word with their grammar correction features. Your sentences may end up with a different meaning.

  2. Grimnet

    Grammar check – 70% correct
    Spelling check – 99% correct (depending on language)

    Lesson: Study English Grammar very well.

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